Bulletin No. 4

  • 5 May 2017

Dear BCS paddling friends,

Here is Bulletin No.4 with just a few updates in light of the fast-approaching deadline of 31 May 2017; this is the date that will close the EARLY BIRD registrations with the payments due from those teams that successfully registered under the Early Bird scheme last October.

Teams are able to check their registration payment status under their Team Account in the “PAYMENTS SUMMARY” section. Each team registered under the Early Bird scheme, however, will receive or has already received a summary e-mail from the Organizing Committee with the balance amount to be paid in order to complete the Early Bird Registrations. This amount payable takes into consideration any unpaid bank charges that accrued when the initial funds were received. The e-mail also includes the text that should be used in the “Note” section of the bank wire that will identify the payment to us.

Please communicate to your local bank that the international bank wire transfer should be effected as “OUR”; this means that all charges taken by the local bank, by the bank receiving the wire (the Festival bank) and all intermediary banks must be taken from, and paid for, by the sender’s account.
Please remember that all payments must be made ONLY by bank wire in EUROS and with the IBAN code that will be given in the Welcome e-mail after the online registration and is provided on the team account in the PAYMENT SUMMARY section. Please refer to Bulletin No. 3 for the payment methods and procedures.

We would also like to remind you that every complete crew must be made up of 20 BCS paddlers, 1 BCS steer and 1 BCS drummer. Teams established less than 2 years prior to the date of the Festival will not be required to have their own steer.

The Organizing Committee, from a special pool we are creating, will provide steers and drummers for the composite teams.

****If your team has steers and drummers who would be available, and who would very much like to be a part of the volunteer pool of steers and drummers, then please contact us at the following email address info@florencebcs2018.org

Please keep in mind that if a team consists of less than 22 paddlers, including steer-person and drummer, when the balance of the payment is due, the team will lose the discounted price of €50 per person and the team will be included in the category of Individual teams without full crews, therefore the standard registration (€.300 per person) will have to be paid. For further details, refer to Bulletin No. 2.

Regarding the registration of SUPPORTERS (paddlers and non-paddlers): remember that the registration is exactly the same as the registration for the BCS paddlers. The registration fee for SUPPORTERS is also euro 300 per person. We remind you that SUPPORTER registration can take place at the same time as the team registration. For further details, see Bulletin No. 3.

It is important to note when thinking about whether to register supporters or not, that only accredited participants (paddlers and supporters) will have the chance to view the races from the athletes’ village, and will have access to the race site and all the services provided by the registration fee. (See the Bulletin No.2).

For the Festival SOUVENIR BOOK, which will be in the race pack, we need your help. We ask all teams to send us their own team presentation (no more than 10 lines) with photo and possibly a logo, both to be in high resolution. The material must be sent to  info@florencebcs2018.org by September 25, 2017.

We would like to thank you for your kind cooperation, if you have any questions, please contact us at info@florencebcs218.org.